sunset overdrive e3 2014Hopefully we'll get a bunch of great new content to gawk at this year at E3, and although we'll be seeing a lot of new games and IPs, we may also see more about some of the stuff we saw last year.

One such thing is Sunset Overdrive - a game that was revealed last year, and has still not come to a final release. The title offered players a bright and wacky world to explore, and it was certainly one of the most creative games we've heard of in a while.

So far though, we really haven't heard much after the first E3 reveal in 2013, and since then, Insomniac Games, the development studio behind the title has kept pretty quiet. Finally though, they are ready to speak, and we may end up hearing and seeing a lot about Sunset Overdrive before or on E3 this year.

It has been revealed that despite the E3 trailer only showing multiplayer content, Sunset Overdrive will feature a single player campaign experience, and whilst there has been a lot of good content prepared for E3, there will also hopefully be some pre-E3 details ready to revealed very soon.

I personally cannot wait to hear a bit more about the upcoming Xbox One exclusive title, and hopefully it won't be too long before Sunset Overdrive is ready for release.

We'll keep you updated on any new information about Sunset Overdrive as Insomniac Games reveals it over the next two months.