Halo 4 Details

In an exclusive interview with Game Centre, Frank O'Connor (Franchise Developer at 343 Industries) gave out some pretty great details on what to expect from the upcoming Halo 4.

According to Frank, Halo 4 will be epic and this episode will have the biggest additions compared to all previous Halo games. This in essence means more abilities, weapons, vehicles and enemies.

Speaking of enemies, unlike the past iterations where existing Covenant species were modified to provide extra challenge, this time around they are building new and unique enemies never before seen in the franchise. These enemies of course will come with their very own unique weapons and abilities.

The Covenant are also making a comeback in Halo 4. Although Frank mentioned that they necessarily won’t be our primary antagonists. The Covenant will be around during majority of the game and definitely won't be happy to see Master Chief. As the story progresses we will get to see how the Covenant fit into the big picture and what their connection is with the new enemies.

Master Chief will get to visit a number of locations in Halo 4 but, the primary location is going to be a world called Requiem. On the surface of this planet Master Chief will get his first glimpse of his new foes. According to the game's description, they are an ancient evil and from the game demo (check out our previous article) we got to find out that they are non-organic AI, wielding Forerunner technology. 343 Industries are currently keeping everything else about these guys under wraps.

Halo 4 will take place exactly 5 years after the events of Halo 3, at the end of which we saw Master Chief enter cryo-sleep. A lot has changed during this time, the Universe has moved on and so has the Spartan Program. The Spartans have now been upgraded to the Spartan-IV Series. This time the Chief will get to meet his replacements and according to Frank, we will get to see some interesting interactions between the two generations of Spartan soldiers.

In an interesting move, 343 Industries plan on revealing a bit more about the Master Chief's persona through such interactions. Along his journey, the Chief will come across new friends, foes and a lot of tough situations. It is how he reacts and behaves during such instances that will reveal a lot more about the Master Chief's personality and how he lives as a human being.

Halo 4 is set to launch on November 6th 2012. The game will also mark the beginning of a new Trilogy. As you can see guys, there is a lot going on with Halo 4 and 343 Industries are obviously trying to push the boundaries hard. If you are a Halo fan, I would like to know your thoughts about this game. Is it up to par with what you have come to expect from the franchise?

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad