Halo 4 Info

One of the biggest problems with the Halo: Reach matchmaking was credit farming, and Bungie took it quite seriously. In Halo 4, 343 have revised the new experience system to make sure no one gets too far ahead, which is reasonable seeing as experience and Spartan ranks will now unlock players new equipment which are beneficial to playing better in the game.

Unlike Halo Reach, Halo 4 has had a pretty sturdy experience restriction straight into the game at launch, and this can limit the amount of experience players can earn a day whilst playing Spartan Ops and War games. Jessica Shea, community manager for Halo 4, wrote a message on Waypoint to explain the system to players after some users were complaining about the unadvertised system.

"The daily XP cap is intended to preserve the integrity of the progression system," Jessica Shea wrote in a post on Halo Waypoint. "In other words, it’s in place to provide an early gate from players running amok in their progression. When we launched, we had a bug where double XP tokens were being consumed even when you went over the cap. That has since been fixed. In the coming weeks, we will be monitoring how many players are hitting the cap so we can respond accordingly."

It's great 343 Industries are paying attention to the experience cap hitters, because it means they can raise and limit it with ease to better fit in with the majority of players, however hopefully 343 won't go over the top and restrict legitimate players from gaining a decent amount of experience for playing for a few hours in one sit-through.

Although there’s no official announcement on the actual experience limit, it's been reported to be around 75,000 XP, so only the most dedicated players will get to this cap. If you believe you will be one of these gamers you will want to grab a custom xbox 360 controller with our Stealth Adjustable Mod installed featuring our Adjustable Rapid Fire.