Next Uncharted Info

Thanks to the Australian Classification Board, we may have a bit of insight into what the next Uncharted game will be.

The new game is titled Uncharted: Fight for Fortune and according to the leaked information it will be a multi-platform game, although this most likely means a cross PS3 and PS Vita release, and seeing the Uncharted franchise's  loyalty to Sony over the years, it would make little sense to take away the games exclusivity to Sony consoles.

What's also new is that the game may not actually be released by Naughty Dog at all, and like Golden Abyss for the PS Vita, the game may be developed under Sony Bend. If this were to be true the game may turn out to be a PS Vita exclusive, although there is a small chance the title will make it to PS3 through this developer.

However, the leaked image shows that the new Uncharted game may be developed by a smaller company known as One Loop Games, who would be completely new to the series.

It's likely this game would be a spin-off from the main titles, and it's possible it may include gameplay away from Nathan Drake's story, and may even offer a completely different type of gameplay separate from the usually 3D action platforming.

For now details about the game are pretty hush hush, and rumors are bound to fling around, so we're going to have to wait for an official statement from Sony or any of the developers listed above before we hear any solid information about the title.

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