Halo 4 Info

One of the most frustrating things to happen in matchmaking in previous Halo games is when the rest of your team decides to quit. In a game like big team battle, it may not seem like much of a deal, but after one or two people quit, usually a lot of others will follow, and it makes it boring and extremely difficult to ever stand a chance against the enemy team, especially in smaller games.

343 are hoping to fix this by allowing players to join other games in progress. This will make matchmaking times significantly shorter whilst making sure no one has an unfair advantage against the opposing team.

There have also been a few other changes to Halo's netcode, and 343 Industries' lead designer has given a little insight into the new changes and what that will mean for the players.

343 Industries' lead designer, Che Chou has said "we've taken Bungie's Halo engine platform and done quite a lot of modifications to it to hit the goals that we wanted for Halo 4."

"One small sample is that to make multiplayer more accessible, for instance, we have now added join-in progress, so players can actually join in the middle to fill out the empty seats."

"Netcode was modified, optimized, etcetera."

Although Che Cou didn't give any more information about any more small changes in his interview with Gamingbolt, I have a feeling Halo 4 will have the most refined online multiplayer system to date.

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Written by Ollie Green