Warfighter: Manhunt Map Pack

If you pre-ordered the limited edition of MOH: Warfighter, then you will already have access to the new Manhunt map pack, but if you purchased the standard edition, the new map pack will cost $9.99.

Manhunt, or the Thirty Dark Days DLC, lets players experience the tension soldiers had in the hunt for Bin Laden, focusing on two maps where Bin Laden had previously visited. Darra Gun Market and Chitral Compound are the two new maps located in Pakistan, and will feature dusty back alleys and worn-down buildings. Although you won't actually find Bin Laden, the new maps give the players the image of a pursuit through the two areas as the soldiers follow Bin Laden's recent tracks.

Danger Close games have put a lot of effort into making the new maps look as real as possible, and have used close image referencing to not just create new enjoyable maps, but also to make an authentic level of gameplay that attempts to put you straight into the boots of the soldier you’re playing as.

We're not quite sure whether the map pack will include extra campaign content, extra multiplayer missions and maps, or both, but the footage of the trailer shows tense firefights throughout the maps, and you'll come across a heavy opposition in the two areas so getting in and out as quickly as possible won't be an easy task, making this a perfect scenario for playing against an AI terrorist group.

The Manhunt DLC was announced before Warfighter had even been released, and for only two maps for $9.99, you may feel a little ripped off, but it's up to you whether you enjoy the game enough to spend $10 on the new content.

Many of our mods are compatible with Medal of Honor: Warfighter so if you own a custom controller designed through our Controller Creator and you purchased a mod be sure to test them out in this new Medal of Honor title.  A great way to extend the life of the title and the value of the DLC.

Written by Ollie Green