Halo 4 DLC Info

After the launch of the Crimson map pack, players were reporting that they were capable of buying the map pack for free after following a simple bug within the Halo 4 title screen. Players were able to proceed to download the maps for 0 Microsoft points, causing heated discussions within the waypoint forums about the wasted use of the season pass, and an unfair advantage to those who could not get the bug to work.

343 Industries has now made a statement on the issue, and has let all launch players download the map pack for free. Launch players include any players whom have played before the promotional period in the countries advertised. In other words, if you have been emailed a specialization code, you'll be able to access the maps for free as well.

Has this fixed the mistake made by 343 in the first place? Definitely not, players who have purchased the season pass still feel ripped off, and some have complained that they have not received specialization codes even though they played the game on launch day.

It is also currently unknown whether those ineligible to download the new maps for free will be barred access after using the bug to download them before 343's response on the problem.

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