New Halo 4 Map Pack:  Crimson Map Pack

A new bug following on from the release of 343's first purchasable DLC has made the Crimson map pack available to download for free across most of the globe.

Players started to report on the Halo Waypoint forums that they have been capable of downloading the Crimson map pack for free through an exploit found when trying to purchase the new map pack from within Halo 4.

Players were able to go into War Games and click to buy the new map for 0 Microsoft points.

Since then, players have shared and spread the exploit around, giving thousands of players the new content without paying.

This was a big mistake on 343's behalf, but unforeseen glitches like these can occur, and when something like this happens to be beneficial to those who find the glitch, it's often abused and spread around out of the developer's control.

For most, this seems like a positive thing, but customers who have bought the limited edition of Halo 4 or the season pass have voiced their complaints across the internet, stating that it’s not fair that they have had to pay a premium price for something that everyone has now managed to get hold of.

343 have yet to comment, but some players are discussing whether 343 should reward limited edition and season pass owners with  some kind of compensation, such as 800 Microsoft points to make up for the mistake, or by including another map pack to balance out the problem.

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