Halo 4 Multiplayer Map Details

Halo 4 is just around the corner and as November 6th draws closer, we're receiving more and more details about the content within the fresh beginning to 343's new Halo franchise. We've seen new weapons, new species, new environments and new game mechanics, but today we're going to look at the base of any successful FPS; the multiplayer maps.


MLG Gameplay

Adrift is a mining vessel that has been refitted to house military gear. This small map places players in a largely enclosed environment featuring narrow corridors and wide open battle spaces at multiple heights throughout the map. Adrift is focused on close quartered combat, and many rooms will be likely to house heavy firefights. Adrift will be best remembered for the huge mech standing at the center of the map.

PAX Gameplay

Exile is a large asymmetrical map featuring mysterious forerunner constructs situated in two interconnected canyons. The map features a lot of shrubbery and many natural environments are available for use as cover.

Gameplay shown includes warthogs, banshees, mongooses, ghosts and scorpions, and Exile will probably be a popular map for games like CTF and big-team battle.

MLG Gameplay

Haven is a map that features a similar mechanical architecture to those of many other Halo maps in the past. At first glance, Haven looks most easily compared to Narrows on Halo 3. The layout of the map is completely different though, and Haven will be likely to sport some unique gameplay scenarios.

RTX Gameplay

Longbow is a symmetrical military outpost located at the edge of a harsh glacial sea. The environment is stunning and will be the main go-to map for Halo 4's new dominion game mode at launch. Longbow has been rumored to include a variety of vehicles, but currently houses mongooses, ghosts and warthogs.

MLG Gameplay

Solace is a medium-sized symmetrical map featuring three layers of elevation. The map has many vantage points and enough cover to keep yourself from being pinned down by the two sniper rifles available on the map. Solace will be a perfect map to test players strategies, and will be likely to work great alongside many objective-based game modes.

More Map news is likely to emerge over the coming weeks so make sure to check back here often, and if you're getting hyped for Halo 4 you'll want to be sure to design a custom controller before hand.