Halo 4 Gameplay Info

Well if you've come this far through the Halo series, you may be in for a surprise: The Halo 4 campaign is not for the weak hearted.

Frank O' Connor, development director of 343 Industries recently sat down at Eurogamer and played through a scene of the new Halo 4 campaign. As he played it was clear this game was going to be hard, and he was only playing it on normal difficulty.

When I played Halo Reach on Legendary for the first time, it hit me how much Bungie had managed to improve the AI of the covenant, and this was one of the main reasons it was such a challenge. In Halo 4, AI has been improved drastically, and you'll be very lucky if you can manage to find a hiding spot behind a rock for a quick breather, because once Masterchief's enemies start to fire, they won't stop till the chief is dead, or till you return fire and take them out.

Frank O' Connor has said that the new Halo campaign will be even less forgiving than it's predecessors, and each difficulty level has had a one-up; normal difficulty will be like heroic difficulty in previous games, heroic will be like legendary, and legendary will be the ultimate challenge of skill and prowess.

Hopefully we'll see a bunch of skulls and terminals in-game, and maybe some extra collectibles too, because if we do, Halo 4's campaign will probably be the hugest campaign yet in terms of replay-ability.

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Written by Ollie Green.