Mass Effect 3 New Multiplayer DLC Info

New content has been released by Bioware to beef up the current multiplayer offering with their biggest multiplayer DLC yet. The DLC title, which has been named Retaliation, has improved upon many aspects within the current multiplayer experience and added new gameplay elements such as new items, characters and enemies.

The biggest addition is probably the new threat we have not seen in multiplayer yet, and that is the Collector race. New enemies consist of the Collector Praetorian, Scion, Captain and Trooper, alongside the Dragoon and new Geth drones.

As well as the new enemies, we've been given the ability to play as two new Turian characters and a few new maps with environmental hazards have been added. There are also new items such as three Collector weapons, different ammo rounds like explosive and phasic, new gear loadouts, and a new feature which tracks players' progress even further by adding a list of various challenges to be completed in co-op multiplayer, unlocking the players exclusive banners and titles to add to their character and impress and compare with their friends online.

Six new maps have been included in total, of which three are named Dagger, Ghost and Giant. Bioware has also said that they plan to release many more on a regular basis.

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Written by Ollie Green