FIFA 13 Bugged?

It's no mystery that FIFA is one of the biggest franchises on consoles today, and with one game releasing every single year, EA sports have a lot of work cut out for them.

To be able to release the game on a strict deadline means the developers can't put more effort into smoothing out the glitches and bugs in their games, and that's probably why FIFA 13 could possibly be the most buggiest game in the series to date.

So what's so glitchy about this game you ask? Well, if you have FIFA 13 and still have to ask yourself that question, then consider yourself lucky as thousands of complaints have hit the EA forums angrily asking why their game keeps freezing at various points in the game.

EA still haven't found a proper cause for the random freezing and other strange glitches, but they have reported a few workaround methods that could help some players. These methods include actions like deleting all previous FIFA game saves off of your console, or wiping the EA sports central app from the hard drive.

Even after many fixes posted around the internet, gamers are still having a tough time getting through the game without FIFA 13 crashing or freezing at a certain static point within the game. As there are many versions of the game to support various Operating systems, such as the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, it's likely to be a few months before EA smooth out all the issues for everyone concerned.

Written by Ollie Green