Halo 4 Surface Info

If you guys remember, Microsoft introduced their all new SmartGlass technology at E3 a while back. This technology basically allows you to use any portable device (smartphones or tablets) to get an additional screen, much like the new Wii U gamepad. Just like the Wii U, this added screen is essentially going to provide you with other additional gameplay options.

Well soon after E3 Microsoft announced their new line of Windows 8 tablets, Surface. The tablets themselves are impressive and keeping SmartGlass in the frame it didn't take long for people to start wondering how exactly was Microsoft going to implement this tech for both current and future console games.

Although Microsoft has kept pretty much every detail about this locked up, there was still some good news to be heard. At the VentureBeat Gamebeat 2012 conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Executive Don Mattrick confirmed that the highly anticipated Halo 4 will work with Surface tablet computers.

Although details of how Halo would work with surface was not revealed, everyone's guess was that Xbox SmartGlass would transform it into a new screen where we would be able to use it as a map, for communications, equipment screens, stats etc. Although considering the fact that Halo is their flagship series, it is possible that Surface might add a "touch-screen controller" option.

With Halo 4 set to be launched in November and Surface to be released in October, we are certain that more news will arrive as we get closer to the launch dates. There is a lot of potential in this particular combination and I hope the developers do something creative with it instead of just using this feature as a gimmick. Only time will tell.

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad