Halo 4 Forge Mode Info

Hey there Halo fans! I am pleased to tell you (if you already didn't know) that Forge World is going to be making a comeback in Halo 4. Better still is the fact that Forge is bigger and better than ever before with lots of improvements that are really going to make a difference.

To start off, this time around this multiplayer map editor is being developed by Certain Affinity. Since these guys were the developers behind Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary and the Halo Reach Map Pack, it is safe to say that they really know their stuff when it comes to Halo.

What I personally liked about their approach when developing this was that they really paid attention to fan feedback and really listened to the improvements gamers wanted in terms of map editing. The fact that they listened really shows and this in turn made the editing way easier.

Now you can "lock" whatever objects you put in the world in its place. That object would permanently stay there and will not be displaced by any changes that you make to the map or by any objects you decide to add later! Furthermore, adding has never been easier. You can now duplicate items and add them and also you can stick to things together via magnets.

Among the bigger improvements is the new feature called "Player Trait Zones". This feature allows you to change the physical state and properties of a character when within a certain area. You can set it such that characters can run really fast or jump really high. You can also reduce the amount of damage the character takes when he lands at a spot.

This feature will basically allow you to change a vast number of character properties and thus add a lot of variables to the multiplayer. As you can see guys, Forge has never been better and it really is going to be a huge deal when you share you custom made maps with all your friends.

Check out the developer walkthrough here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBknP6Pt_zQ

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad