Halo 5 DLC Content

A brand new free DLC pack has been added to Halo 5: Guardians and it adds a range of new features. The DLC pack has been named "Cartographer's Gift" and it features a large number of new features and cosmetic items.

The most important addition to the new DLC for Halo 5 is Forge. Forge wasn't added at launch like it was in previous Halo titles. The wait was worth it though because Forge in Halo 5 is the most complex version we've seen of the map builder yet. Players are given a huge range of new tools in the new Forge.

On top of Forge, the Cartographer's Gift DLC has added a large range of new Spartan armor pieces, including two new armor sets, the iconic MARK IV armor set and the Raijin armor set. New emblems, new helmets and a variety of new Warzone REQ rewards have also been added into the latest DLC for December.

The December DLC is just the start of it as well. A brand new free DLC pack will also be released in January and a sneak peak at that has revealed that the DLC will include a range of different weapon skins, including skins themed on different animals. As you can see in the image above, one such skin that'll be available in the January update will be an eagle assault rifle. Other skins include a magnum that has a wolf on the side and a carbine that is a full crimson red color with decals on the sides.