Dying Light Free DLC

Earlier this year Techland created a spoof advertising poster for a glass of water, in retaliation to Destiny's Red Bull campaign that featured a similar poster. Since then, the fun poking has quieted down at Techland but it looks like the Dying Light developers had a little bit more up their sleeve this whole time.

Techland are gearing up to release a three part DLC campaign that fortunately will be available to Dying Light players free of charge. All of the DLC parts will be based around water in some way or another. The first DLC part is called the Fountain of Youth and features a quest in Old Town. The second DLC part is Water 2.0, which is a blueprint for a throwable weapon that can increase the output of electric attacks. The final DLC part includes a number of water themed parkour challenges.

The DLC content that has just been announced will be available by February 9, which is the same date that Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition releases. Players who purchase the enhanced edition will receive the extra DLC on the disk, whilst owners of the base game will be able to download it for free via an update.

Whilst the upcoming H20 themed DLC will be free, Techland does have plans to release a very large scale update for Dying Light in the future and this will cost more than previous DLC additions because of the size of it.