halo 5 matchmaking

343 Industries has just released a bunch of details about the upcoming matchmaking system for Halo 5. In the newly released information, 343 explained how penalties will work for bad behavior and how the new ranking system will work.

Players who repeatedly follow any of the following behaviors will be given temporary cooldowns which will prevent them from playing online matchmaking.

+ Quitting matches
+ Betrayals or team killing
+ Idling (AFK)
+ Intentional suicides
+ Excessive disconnects


The ranking system in Halo 5 has taken an interesting redesign. Players will first have to play placement matches. Once they have 10 wins under their belt, they will be given a rank. There will be a number of different ranks including Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Onyx and Champion.

Each rank will have a number of tiers within and once a player reaches Onyx and Champion the tiers will be replaced with a MMR score, which will be their leaderboard ranking when compared to others of the same rank. Champion will only include 200 of the best players of each playlist in the world, so it'll be pretty exciting to get yourself into these ranks.

The new rank will only be for the Arena, whilst Warzone will not have a ranking system like this.

Players will also be given the additional challenge to rank in seasonal playlists with their own ranking systems - each of these seasonal playlists will have rewards for the highest ranking players. It's most likely rewards will include REQ packs or other in-game content.