gta online lowriders

Rockstar has just released a brand new trailer for GTA Online which shows off a new expansion heading to the streets of Los Santos. The new GTA Online expansion will be available for all players at no charge, but unlike previous content expansions, it will be adding some major game adjustments, especially to the way customizing player vehicles works.

The new update is called GTA Online: Lowriders and it will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 20th. In the update, a new customs shop will open downtown called Benny's Original Motor Works. Players will also be able to head to a new website in-game that will include a number of new customizable vehicles.

Some of the new vehicles will feature new functions that can be accessed from the player interaction menu. These functions include the ability to open up the vehicle doors, hood and trunk, switch on the engine and flash your lights.

The new Lowriders update will also add some new content to GTA Online, including some new missions by Lamar that will feature some relevancy to the new vehicle content. Three new adversary modes are coming, a new machine pistol will be available, alongside a machete, and players will find a bunch of new clothing, hair and accessory options. Finally, players will be able to pick up a fourth property to expand their garage collection - this will allow players to add up to an extra 10 cars into their collections.