halo forge weapon glitch

In a recent update, a glitch was found in Halo 5: Guardians that allowed players to have a whole world of new fun with custom weapons in Forge.

The glitch in question essentially allows players to assign weapon effect, damage and fire rate to another weapon model by using the REQ pads. Not only did this glitch apply to Forge games, but the glitch carried out into custom games too.

As an example, a player could place down a weapon pad and set it so that it spawns a REQ weapon. A player could then edit the item properties to change the weapon model. The end result allowed players to have SMGs that fired sniper bullets, plasma pistols that fired spartan lasers and all sorts of other things. Plenty of crazy combinations are possible with this glitch, and like mentioned before, this glitch does allow players to set up some incredibly fun custom games.

Perhaps the most exciting bit of news to come from this all is that Tom French has confirmed that the glitch will be staying in the game. Tom French, the user generated content director for Halo 5: Guardians, wrote the following statement on Twitter.

"FYI if you saw we decided to keep the weapon glitch. We were going to fix it but it's way too cool and the results are way too awesome!"

The Forge weapon glitch is certainly way too awesome, Tom. We're excited to see that the glitch will be staying in the game.