esports Znipe streaming platform

A new eSports streaming platform like Twitch has been announced by two Counter Strike veterans that could potentially change the way we all watch eSports matches online. Traditionally, eSports fans will need to visit Twitch to watch a game live, but with the new platform, named Znipe, fans may have the option to watch an eSports match the way they'd like to.

With Znipe, viewers are given the option to view multiple stream sources at once. However, these multiple sources will usually come from one match.

Take this as an example - viewers on Znipe will be able to set up their own personal overlay, which could include a few POV streams of their favorite players, a stream that shows the view the commentators are seeing and additional widgets for the map or the radar. With this amount of control, players will be able to have their own interactive viewing experience. To really work, Znipe will need the support of tournament hosts to set up multiple streams and POVs for the viewers to use.

For now, Znipe is in beta but the platform will be supporting games during the finals of Dreamhack Summer 2016 and the group stage of ESL One Cologne 2016. It looks like further games could become available for viewers willing to pay a subscription.

Whilst Counter Strike is the initial focus of the Znipe platform, we could see it branching out to plenty of other games in the future if it ever takes off successfully. We'd love to see this work for console titles such as Call of Duty and Halo, or perhaps more interestingly a MOBA like League of Legends.