Halo and its Victories

A little over ten years ago, Halo Combat Evolved landed on the Xbox 360 and helped define what we know as FPS shooters on the console today. The franchise had a very successful launch, and the popularity of the game only grew as more games were released. Halo 2 completely redefined FPS multiplayer for consoles once again thanks to Xbox Live, and since then, Halo games have received a huge amount of support, giving those staying loyal to the much beloved Xbox-exclusive series even more to enjoy.

Game sales for a console-exclusive are never going to be as impressive as multi-platform game sales, but Halo has still managed to amass quite a heavy amount of purchases: All eight games, including Halo Wars, have now reached a total of 50 million copies sold, with a huge 5 billion hours total time played over Xbox Live.

Before Halo 4, total sales were around 46 million, hinting that Halo 4 has now sold around 4 million copies thus far. It's around half that of Black Ops 2, but seeing as Halo 4 is solely for the Xbox 360, 4 million in such a short time is quite an impressive number.

Halo has received a lot of competition over the years though, and because of shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield 3, players have felt less inclined to purchase an Xbox 360 just for the Halo title, so it'll be interesting to see if the Halo series can stay strong throughout the rest of the new trilogy.

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