Hitman Info

With the frequent sequels of the mainstream franchises like Call of Duty and Halo, other games developers may have a very small window to shine through. This isn't stopping Sqaure Enix though, and they're going to put all their worth into advertising and media outlets to create a following that could be a worthy competitor to the big developers this year like 343 and Activision.

The developers of Hitman Absolution believe that their game will be the last big game of the year, which is a big claim to make when being released so close to games like Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Square Enix are concentrating on creating a huge advertising campaign that will bring the masses of COD and Halo fans into new pastures. Like many, Square Enix believes the older shooter franchises are way past their time, and they're looking to fill the gap with the new Hitman title.

"We believe we are someone to fear this Xmas," senior product manager Grant Tasker told MCV.

Adverts will include TV trailers, billboard and shop window adverts, other media promotions, and most likely many well-timed previews of the game on popular news sites like IGN.

Because Square Enix has a strong production value from its previous games, it's likely their high budget advertising scheme could become a great success.

A lot of the ongoing franchises are great, but it'd be nice to have something new on the market. Maybe Hitman Absolution will be just that.

Will you be keeping your eye on Hitman Absolution? Should we have a modded controllers in the works? What do you think?