New Dashboard

The new dashboard update additions include previously rumored features such as a web browser.

The new update will also realign the tiles to make it feel even more similar to the new style of Windows phone and Windows 8.

Here's some info on the most notable features:

Xbox Video: Microsoft have hidden away their Zune marketplace and replaced it with a more updated version, where you'll be able to watch thousands upon thousands of movies, TV shows, and game videos by downloading or streaming in super HD quality.

Xbox Music: This is Microsoft's attempt at being part of the relatively new music streaming service industry, and it will offer users free music streaming from their Xbox dashboard and Windows Phone. The new update will give everyone a free 30 day trial, and after that it will cost users an extra $10 per month.

Pinning: Pinning allows you to make your dashboard feel a little close to home by letting you save your favorite content to preset tiles on your home screen. Whether it's movies, games, videos or music, Pinning will let you add more of a personal touch to your Xbox.

Recent: Recent is a newer updated version of the quick play version seen on previous builds. You'll be able to access your most recently viewed content from here.

Internet Explorer: Microsoft has now integrated the long awaited internet browser capabilities to the new Xbox dashboard, so you'll be able to check your favorite sites whilst you're waiting for your friends to come online, or you want to browse the internet straight from your sofa.

Enhanced Search: Bing Voice has now been improved greatly, and with the new Enhanced Search feature, you'll be able to search for video by genre and other categories, and also search via the Internet Explorer app.

Do you like the new Xbox Dashboard? It seems Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making each and every Xbox update to reflect our interests further, and it's now easier than ever to make it more personal to your own needs.

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