Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.20

A new Horizon Zero Dawn patch adds 243MB of new changes and tweaks to the game.

The new update is patch 1.20 and it makes a number of changes to the photo feature, among other tweaks.

With the new improved photo mode, you'll now have more poses for Aloy to use, as well as a number of new facial expressions. 3 more filters have been added too, so you can snap shots like it's going straight on Instagram. More importantly, the camera controls have been improved so that it's easier to get that perfect shot.

The new 1.20 patch also adds some much-needed changes to the crafting menu. There are new categories now, which makes it easier to navigate through the menu. You'll also see a green check mark next to any categories that have been completed, while a white icon has been added to categories that contain recipes that can be crafted. A gray icon has been added to symbolize categories that have no recipes that can be crafted.

Patch 1.20 has also fixed a number of gameplay progression bugs that have previously stopped players from progressing through the game. A large number of smaller tweaks have been added too, including the option to be able to sell entire stacks of items to merchants by doubling tapping the square icon.

What do you think of the latest patch? Are you likely to use the photo mode in Horizon Zero Dawn?