If you're still stuck on the first mission on Grand Theft Auto Online, we've compiled a few tips that have reportedly helped other users get past the first mission. Despite talk of terrible servers and bad gameplay, it seems that as soon as you get past the first mission with Lamar, everything is very smooth.

Here are some tips to get past the first mission on GTA Online -

Delete your Character

This isn't such a big problem at this stage because it's unlikely that you have any progress on your GTA Online character. To delete your GTA:O character, go into story mode, press the menu button and go to the Online tab. From here you will need to click on select character and you can then delete characters from both available slots.

Delete the Title Update

To do this, you will need to access your game's data from either Xbox Home or the PS3 XMB, depending on what platform you're playing GTA on. On Xbox 360 it is called "Title Update" and should be called Game Data Utility on PS3.

Once you've deleted this, get back into the game to re-download the update and check if it makes any difference in game. Doing this in combination with deleting your character has supposedly helped some players to get past the first mission on GTA Online.

Wriggle your way through the First Mission on GTA Online

Even after both title updates, I still couldn't get through the game, however, I found a way to wriggle myself through, and it now works flawlessly. The method I used was on Xbox 360 and uses the recent player list. It may also work by joining a friend on PS3. This will require you to try the first mission on online before trying.

1. Join the game from story mode
2. Go into the Online tab from the menu
3. Press Start a Solo session
4. The game should hopefully load you into an online world of your own - you won't be able to do missions, or any of the cool stuff that requires other players. (If it asks about cloud servers being down, just ignore the messages and continue into the game.)
5. Next, press the xbox dashboard button, and navigate to the recent players tab by opening your friends list.
6. Find a recent player that is still playing GTA Online and has an open session - Press 'Join Session in Progress.'
7. It should now join you with this player - you will be able to do a few things, but the full functionality of the game still doesn't work.
8. To fix this, open your phone, click on quick jobs and join a random job.
9. Once you've completed a job or a mission, open the character wheel and switch to a GTA V character.
10. After this, switch back to your online character - it will then take you back to the first tutorial mission. However, this time it should load almost instantly.

Still not working - Wait it out

As much as it sucks to say this, if you still can't get past the first mission in GTA Online, your best bet is to wait it out until Rockstar iron out the bugs and server problems.