Ubisoft have been pretty open about the kind of game Assassins' Creed IV: Black Flag is shaping up to be, and this week they have released a trailer which reveals the infamous pirates you will meet in the game.

Matt Ryan, the voice actor for Edward Kenway narrates the trailer and talks about the various different important pirate characters in the game.

Matt Ryan first begins with Edward Kenway, and talks about how he is still quite a young person within, and describes his rowdiness and love for alcohol.

The trailer then goes on to feature Captain Blackbeard- the character that mentors and teaches Edward Kenway. Matt also discusses many other pirates such as Captain Hornigold, a character who has his own unbreakable honor code. For example, he will not destroy British ships.

The story in Assassins Creed IV is certainly shaping up to be something worth playing, and tells the story of a young man who grows up and learns from the best of the best Assassins, pirates and Templars around and then goes ahead to do things none other have managed to do before him.

It's a pretty basic plot line, but with decent voice overs and well-designed characters, it could make for a very enjoyable game story.

There is a lot to learn about the world in the new trailer, so it's definitely worth watching while you wait for the release of the game on October 29th.