hundred thieves drops roster

Hundred Thieves has now dropped their latest COD roster. Whilst the organization remains dedicated to the scene, it looks like they're hoping to find better luck with new opportunities in the near future.

A lot has happened within the Hundred Thieves org to suggest why the roster drop is now happening, but the real reason hasn't been specifically mentioned by either the organization itself or the organization owners.

In the past Hundred Thieves had quite a poor performance at CWL so it could be possible that the organization is looking for a stronger roster of players that can help them reach higher heights within the competitive scene. The only announcement for the roster release was posted on the Hundred Thieves Twitter and it stated the following:

"With Season 2 wrapped up, we've decided to release our Call of Duty roster. Thank you for your support, we'll be back stronger than ever."

Whilst it's admittedly disappointing to see the roster say goodbye to the organization, we're quite excited to see where Hundred Thieves goes next, and we're also curious to see what happens to the players among the ex-roster. With that being said, CWL is starting this week so it looks like we've got a lot of other things to put our attention to before we get the chance to see where Hundred Thieves heads next.

Do you think Hundred Thieves and Nadeshot made the right call to drop their most recent roster? What players do you think the organization will attempt to pick up next?