HungryBox has Broken Finger

After going full-time Smash pro, the worst thing that could happen to a Smash player would be to have their finger or hand broken.

Unfortunately for Hungrybox, exactly that has happened. During a game of Dodgeball, Hungrybox ended up breaking his index finger, which might just be one of the most important fingers for playing games on a controller.

The injury was a fracture in the top knuckle of Hungrybox's index finger. With Genesis 4 just around the corner, it was first rumored that Hungrybox would not attend the event at all.

However, Hungrybox is going to soldier on - he will remap his controller so that use of his index finger is kept to an absolute minimum. As a result of this, Hungrybox may not be at top form, but we still feel he has a good chance at ranking high at Genesis 4.

It's frustrating to see such a thing happen, but we can't wait to see how Hungrybox performs despite his injury. Fortunately, the injury should heal within a few weeks, so he won't be out of the game for very long.

With Genesis 4 starting on January 20, his finger won't be completely healed until after the event.

Do you think Hungrybox is doing the right thing to attend the event regardless of his injury, or should he sit it out so that his finger can heal properly? We'd love to hear your opinions on this topic.