Game News - Independent Developers Report Profit

A million dollars is a lot of money to make, especially when you're offering your product for whatever the masses will pay for it. In May and December of last year Indie developers grouped their games into a package referred to as the Humble Indie Bundle and offered it to gamers online for whatever they were willing to pay for it. Whether it was 1 cent or a few thousand dollars, the choice was theirs.

At GDC this week it was announced that the two game bundles had actually raised around $3 million dollars. The Indie Developers immediately donated a million dollars to the charities Childs Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

While Many gamers did pay a measly penny for some amazing titles. Over 30,000 gamers payed $10 with a few generous gamers paying ridiculous amounts like $3,333 and $1,337. A few games featured in these bundles are: Machninarium, Osmos, and my personal favorite, Braid.

While it hasn't been announced I'm predicting a Humble Indie Bundle #3 coming out sometime this year.