Industry News - Optic Gaming and Evil Controllers team up!

OpTic Gaming is not only a gaming team, but a video game powerhouse producing hundreds of thousands of videos and channels with thousands of views each. They are a highly competitive team with some of the top snipers and players from around the world. With huge fan bases on youtube, facebook, twitter, and myspace, OpTic Gaming is taking the gaming world by storm.
Evil Controllers is one of OpTic Gaming's sponsors and partners in crime. Evil Controllers produces modded controllers for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 and other various other products. Evil Controllers are the originators of modded controllers. The company started three and a half years ago and has been producing great quality controllers and service ever since.
Evil Controllers is pleased to announce the partnering with OpTic Gaming. Together bringing the best gaming team with the best modded controller makers, OpTic Gaming and Evil Controllers are helping each other to become even better. "With Optic being a powerhouse in the gaming world, it only made sense to join forces," explains Jonah Coe, Director of Operations. With OpTic Gaming producing videos for Evil Controllers and Evil Controllers sponsoring OpTic Gaming, the two organizations are pairing up for a great collaboration in the video gaming world.