Virtual property with a high marked up price


Back in the year 2009, Jon Jacobs set a world record by making the biggest online purchase. A space station in the online sci-fi game Entropia Universe....this month, someone broke that record with the same game.

In a click of a button, John Foma Kalun, purchased a mall, a stadium, a club, and a number of bio-domes (not the Pauly Shore movie) in the game for the mere price of $335,000. You're probably scratching your head on why would people do such things and spend so much of their earned income for a game that isn't a largely known MMO, its because Etntropia Universe is a rare game in which it maintains a consistent exchange rate between its virtual currency and real life currency....hence, anything and everything in entropia is real and worthwhile to its players.

I dunno, with that money I could have gotten a decent house here in Arizona...with a pool, and a jet ski. Oh well if people are gonna pay for these things, it isn't anyone's worry. Now if these people are willing to give cash for something they can't touch....I do have some land that I got from a Nigerian prince via a e-mail. He said the land value will go straight up.


~Written by Geroncio Copiozo, who would like $335,000