Finally, some numbers on Kinect sales have been released and, in blackjack terms: winner, winner, chicken dinner! The Xbox Kinect sold 1 million units within the first 10 days of the release, and, at this rate, is expected to sell around 5 million units by the end of the year (an absolutely stunning figure for only one month and a half although, I do suppose it helps that the holidays are just around the corner).


According to a survey on, the Kinect was revealed to be the second most sought after purchase for this upcoming Black Friday, only falling short to Apple's fabled iPad. Store after store are finding a need to reorder shipments of the Kinect after selling out within a matter of hours at a time, which shouldn't change with the large amount of retailers running Black Friday specials for the game system. Apparently, even stores like Old Navy, a company completely unrelated to gaming, are giving out the Dance Central game on Black Friday.

Microsoft's game division head Don Mattrick simply called the figure a "strong start." Sounding quite confident there, Don! The controller has yet to be released in Asia, coming out on November 18, which will substantially increase figures in a very short matter of time as well.

Go get one if you haven't already if you can find one in stores, that is!

Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson