If Michael Bay made a movie about Angry Birds, this would be it.

Rooster Teeth done it again, in their weekly live action comedy shorts, the online comedy team that brought us Red vs. Blue and Achievement Hunter, have came up with a small fake trailer that is kind of a tongue in cheek to all the video games that have turned into movies. And the best part about it, it looks like what would happen if the director of Transformers and The Rock got his hands on the copyrights to Angry Birds.

Well click on the link and watch. Then be amazed by what those wacky Austinians in Texas can do with those slingshot flying birds and lazy pigs.

You know, with thecontinuing trend of video game movies, it's kind cool to see Angry Birds get one...despite it's just a fake trailer. Also to add, at least Uwe Boll didn't think of this.