Social Network site used often to invade Privacy

Steps to becoming even more of an obnoxious post break up wreck!

And I thought the see friendship feature that lets you stalk every wall post, mutually attended event, photo and probably daydream between two people was creepy enough. Apparently not.

Because of sites like, you can now keep tabs on the girl who walks past you like you dont exists relationship status and do all but break it up yourself. With the tagline You like someone. Theyre in a relationship. Be the first to know when theyre out of it, anyone can now find out immediately when their crush, ex, estranged parent, or best friends cat has broken up with their significant other via email. How nice! Saves you the time and shame of wandering over to creep on their page yourself!

In theory, the site is supposed to be for friends to keep tabs on friends, so a guy can just sit around waiting until he regains the buddy that ditched him for the ball and chain, or for a girl to know whens the right time to bring out the Ben and Jerrys and tequila. Right…because thats EXACTLY how people will actually use the site (I hope people hear my sarcasm). Youd think people would just wait for a phone call from the person, not an email from a website in that case. Or wait for it to show up on their feed if theyre that excluded from friend group knowledge.

I personally think this is one of the creepiest additions to Facebook yet, and maybe it will be hugely popular, with the anonymity and instant updates. I just pray no one ever adds me to (his or her) relationship hit list.