Industry News - Avenida de Super Mario Bros. opens!

November (and the whole Fall of 2010, really) marked a huge milestone for our friend Super Mario! As of this weekend, a parade of violins and cellos playing the theme song, a crowd wild wearing fake black mustaches and the signature overall/hat pairing, and mascots galore partied on the unveil the brand new "Avenida de Super Mario Bros" in Zaragosa, Spain (Super Mario Bros Avenue for those of you who don't "habla Español").


The brand new Arcosur neighborhood is still under construction and future residents decided on the street name by means of a poll. Apparently, however, other neighborhood roads will be dubbed things like "Sonic the Hedgehog Street" with another one named "The Legend of Zelda." Sounds like a neighborhood of a lot of really fun people (or people that will not EVER leave their living rooms).

Antonio Almudi Miranda, the president of the Arcosur neighborhood association mentioned that residents' ages had a lot to do with the selection. The neighborhood will provide more than 21,000 residences for people between the ages of 20 and 35. As quoted by CNN, he stated, "We are people who grew up living with video games. We know them very well. I'm 25. I'm the same age as Mario."

Other streets will be named after musicians and monuments, and it seems not all have yet to be decided. Avenida de Super Mario Bros itself will reach nearly a kilometer in length and have several hundreds of houses on it, including president Almudi's.

How exciting! Congratulations on cleaning up this year, Mario!

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Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson