Game News - FPS Training Program for Parents!

FPS Trainer

If you're reading this, you're probably an Evil Controller fan which means you definitely don't need to learn how to play first-person shooters, but you probably know people that do. People that need a grip of help. Well, whether it's your girlfriend or boyfriend, your parents, or maybe even your older/younger brother, FPS Trainer's purpose is to do just that.

FPS Trainer Screenshot

FPS Trainer will be a free to play game designed to hone your FPS skills. One of the coolest things about FPS Trainer is that it'll be a browser based online game meaning you probably won't need to install anything on to your personal computer to play it. Your friends that don't have any consoles will be able to jump right in with you.

FPS Trainer will develop your FPS skills by providing you with goals and objectives while highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. A great concept for those of us with friends that just can't seem to hold their own on Xbox Live. Could be the perfect way to get your friends on your level for Black Ops. Who knows, this game could make pros out of all of us.

Release Date: TBA

Written By Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes