Modded Controllers: Master Mod

Our Master Mod definitely deserves the name that we've given it. As a blogger for the site it's fairly easy to dismiss my opinion as bias, but it's really impressive how many mods we've managed to install into our Master Mod controllers. These modded controllers include: Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Fast Reload, Active Reload, Rapid B, Adjustable Rapid Fire, and Dual Rapid Fire.

Since it's compatible with over a dozen titles, it's cool to be able to jump from one Call of Duty game to the next without needing to get used to a different controller, you can play on the same one from game to game. Although most of us in the office have been playing Black Ops we still dig our claws into Modern Warfare 2 from time to time. The controller does work with Halo: Reach, which is awesome, but after the changes made from Halo 3 to Reach it just hasn't felt the same.

Some people don't get why we sell controller mods, but gaming is about having fun and a good chunk of fun, no matter how much we pretend it isn't true, is winning. For people that know what I mean, the Master Mod is perfect. It works on so many titles. Not to mention that our Evil Sticks and our Evil D-Pad both help immensely with accuracy. Even in a non-FPS game like Resident Evil or Super Meat Boy.

You can check out our modded controllers in action at our channel on Youtube, just search Evil Controllers or click on this link: