Tips Not to Follow When Trying to Save Gas

Every year without fail, the price of gas will yet again steal its fifteen minutes of fame in news headlines across the country. And it just so happens that the prices are currently stepping in the limelight and claiming its fame for its rapid rise. I dont know how you feel about it but, gas, is personally my lest favorite item to spend money on! I would much rather spend money on things that I want and desire than things that I logically need. For example, anything that sparks my interest like videogames, photography, independent films, ect. So when I know that my money will be going to something that is A: pricy and B: something Im not 100% thrilled about, I become frugal and attempt to save money in everyway possible. There are many tricks you hear down the road about saving a penny or two on gas, and for the most part I attempt to do just about all of them! But what ones actually work and which ones dont work when we are attempting to squeeze a few more miles out of that tank.

Claire Bradley a writer for Investopedia was featured on the Yahoo Finance page with some tips on which tips not to follow! (Here is her article)

Here are here suggestions on which tips NOT to follow.

1:Turning off the AC

2: Filling up when its cold outside

3: Increasing tire pressure

4: Pouring Additives

5: Changing the Air Filter

6: Keeping the engine running