Despite being a game that we've had our eyes on for a while now, InFamous Second Son has only just scored a release date within the PS4 launch window.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive title will be available to purchase in February 2014, much sooner than it's GameStop April 1st placeholder date.

Previously the game was said to release within the PS4 launch window, and it has only just fit into this category. While a February 2014 release date seems quite far away, it means Suckerpunch, the developers behind the game, will be able to work on and improve any issues the game may have. Hopefully the game will release and be as enjoyable as previous media has made it out to be.

Second Son is a series of open world third person shooter/action games and InFamous follows in the series as a sequel to Infamous 2, with story events happening 7 years after the events placed within the second game.

Thanks to the PlayStation 4, InFamous: Second Son will be the best in the series yet and will use technology such as the PlayStation 4 controller's touch pad to make the game feel more smooth and immersive.