World of Tanks is at the forefront for PC free to play ports on console, and we're now seeing more developers consider the move to both next and current gen.

CEO of Wargaming, the developers behind World of Tanks, has stated that "I see no reason why we won't eventually do next gen." And that it's "Just a matter of letting the new console grow it's user base."

If you're enjoying World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 this may mean you'll also be able to enjoy the game on the Xbox One some time in the future, so don't fret if you're scared to leave your 360 behind in the dust.

The CEO of Wargaming, Victor Kislyi stressed that it was important to let the Xbox One user base grow before they could move it to the next gen Microsoft console. "In free-to-play, you have to have millions and millions of players. On the PC, we have 77 million registered users worldwide. More than 75 percent of our players never pay us anything. We monetize only a small percentage who deliberately, from time to time, give us something in the range of the price of a movie ticket. So one million, say, is not enough of a user base for a free-to-play game. However, let them come out."

World of Tanks has proven to be a popular past time for many gamers and has even managed to make a mark in the competitive scene. Wargaming haven't stated whether accounts from either the Xbox 360 or PC will be playable on the Xbox One if it were to make it to the next gen console.