Injustice 2 Characters Confirmed So Far

Injustice 2 is on its way, but the developers aren't ready to reveal everything about the game just yet.

NetherRealm Studios has been careful to reveal each character planned for Injustice 2 slowly over time, but we can now look back and provide an extensive list of all of the characters currently planned for the game.

First, let's start with the obvious - Batman will be in Injustice 2 - we're interested to see what cosmetic items will be available for Bats via the new gear system. Both Superman and Supergirl will be showing an appearance in Injustice 2 as well. We'll also see Wonder Woman in the Injustice sequel, alongside Aquaman.

Both Green Lantern and Green Arrow will be showing their colors in Injustice 2, while Atrocious, Deadshot and the Flash will be on team red.

Below is the entire list of characters currently announced for Injustice 2:

- Aquaman
- Atrocious
- Bane
- Batman
- Black Canary
- Blue Beetle
- Brainiac
- Catwoman
- Cheetah
- Cyborg
- Darkseid
- Deadshot
- Dr. Fate
- Flash
- Gorilla Grodd
- Green Arrow
- Green Lantern
- Harley Quinn
- Poison Ivy
- Robin
- Supergirl
- Superman
- Swamp Thing
- Wonder Woman

Any characters in this list take your fancy? NetherRealm isn't quite done with the entire Injustice 2 lineup, either. They are still planning to reveal more characters leading up to the game's release.

Injustice 2 is set to launch on May 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A mobile version will also be available for Android and iOS.