Before now there were apps for Black Ops multiplayer that would tell you about stats and basic information. They would run you about 99 cents on average. But if you spend a bit more, you can get an app with more details and advantages for your online play, its called VC for Black Ops.

The VC for Black Ops app has features that are to be the remedy to a lot of headaches to those who stay glued to the game (like a lot of us, myself included). Example, not happy playing with randomly selected people who spend most of the time trying to figure out how a claymore works (or keeps running into their own)? Use the match finder to set appointments with fellow app users. Need to build your clan to dominate online with an iron fist? Team Builder can enhance your search, in real time. Want to show off your videos of your playtime so others can learn from them? Yep, there's even a theater mode. Why heck, there's even a feature for zombie gameplay lovers like me.

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