Is Valheim Actually Releasing on March 14? What to Expect from this Multiplayer Video Game

Soon after its release as an early access game on PC two years ago, Valheim's rise to fame was swift, deemed the magnum opus of Iron Gate studios a couple of months after launch. Even though this indie game was becoming increasingly popular amongst PC users, it was just the beginning for them, as they teased porting it to a console for months. Finally, they have spoken and addressed this anticipated release, announcing that the heavy-hitter is finally ready to leave early access, with its full release on the Xbox Game Pass scheduled for March 14. Let us explore this in greater detail, talking about the full release in greater detail and highlighting what you can expect from the indie smash hit when it leaves early access.

Is Valheim Releasing on March 14?

Technically speaking, this indie game marked its humble beginnings long ago and was released in 2021 on the PC. However, it has been in early access since then and has gone through constant tweaks before announcing the game finally releasing on the Xbox console on March 14. Ever since it was launched as an early access title back in 2021, this game became such a phenomenon because of the gameplay elements and the appeal to play with your friends. In addition, the fact that the team consisting of such an addicting game consisted of only five team members became a reason for many players to respect and appreciate the hard work they put into the game. Moreover, the astonishingly small file size considering the mammoth of an open world the game contained, also became a subject of hype for the game. All these factors helped the game amass quite a bit of fame, deeming it one of the highest-earning steam games in 2021.

What To Expect From This Game

Other than the obvious bug fixes and patches found and taken care of during the early access of Valheim, there are many other helpful changes you can expect with the game's full release. Of all the changes, the most noteworthy addition to the full release is complete cross-play between PC and Xbox players. This implies that you can enjoy a multiplayer experience with your friends even if you play on the console while the other plays on the PC. Moreover, there have also been speculations of the Ashlands update of the game dropping soon, featuring a completely new biome for players to explore solo or with their friends. The full release of the game also contains an update to the Hildir’s Quest, allowing you to obtain special hats that allow you to display your fashionable hairstyle.


The full release of Valheim has been on the radar for every survival and multiplayer game enthusiast ever since it launched on the PC for early access. The official announcement highlighting the exact release date of the full game has brought about an air of excitement.