killer instinct quitters jail

One of the most frustrating things I've come across in matchmaking for beat'em ups is the terrible behavior some players use when trying to avoid ruining their perfect win/loss ratio. One of these tactics involves turning the console off at the socket when they smell the scent of defeat, and another one simply involves quitting to the dashboard or home screen.

When you're an innocent player trying to slowly make his way up the ranks, this can be an incredibly common and frustrating sight. Luckily though, Killer Instinct developers will be putting a system into their free to play Xbox One game to stop quitters and allow fairer gameplay.

The new jail system will automatically but players who have quit percentages higher than 15% into the "jail pool." That allows the player to get the occasional power cut or other problem go by unharmed, but will punish those who repeatedly abuse the game by quitting when near defeat.

Once you're in the jail pool, you'll be there for 24 hours, and to make it worse, you'll only ever be able to play against other jailed players, so if you do get sent there, be prepared to get a taste of your own medicine.

Once out of the jail, offenders will keep their quit percentage, and if they fail to stop quitting, each trip to the jail will result in an increased 24 hour penalty. So the first visit will be 24 hours, the second will be 48 hours, and so on.

Players will have to play in the jail system to bring their quit percentage below 15% - as soon as it hits 15% again, they will go straight back to jail.