Japan's Sales Charts Show That They Love Modern Warfare 3.

So according to some news from Joystiq, it seems that Japan really likes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on both consoles, they just like the PS3 version more. But that is expected if you have read my earlier blog posts about the relationship between the Xbox 360 and the land of the rising sun. Anyway, the numbers show that Activision's latest FPS title has topped the Japanese game sales charts at number one with over 180,000 units sold. As for the Xbox 360, it is holding at seventh place with 30,000 copies sold.

You know I'm both surprised and not surprised with Japan's reception of the FPS title. I'm not surprised as EA's FPS title Battlefield 3 topped the charts in Japan when it was released, it was likely that MW3 will be hitting the top of the charts as well.  What I was surprised is that the Xbox 360 version sold that many titles.  While Japan usually turns their nose in the face of the 360, selling 30,000 copies in Japan is in my book a success.