Modern Warfare 3 Makes $1 Billion in Sixteen Days, Faster than Avatar

Thanks to some news from the site ComingSoon, Modern Warfare 3 made $1 billion within sixteen days of its release. When put in a side by side comparison with major Hollywood movies, it was faster than Avatar, which made $1 billion in seventeen days.

According to the article, with the popularity of video games on the rise and the slow decline of people going to the movies, this could be a probable factor of the game's financial success and recent feat. Also, the Call of Duty franchise has made itself as a sustained franchise that can be named alongside Lord of the Rings and the NFL, as it can generate and attract the same millions upon millions of followers every year and every release.

So what does it mean in the end? Could it be that video games are beginning to surpass movies as a prime choice of entertainment? Well in this Ambassador's opinion, maybe and maybe not. Not everyone in America has a Xbox or PS3 console in their living room (unlike the typical DVD player) and a lot of people still would pay $8.99 for a movie ticket  instead of $59.99 for the latest FPS release. Still, you have to wonder how much video games will grow. Only time will tell.