Dark Orbit is Selling Overpriced Virtual Starships

So a while ago, Eve decided to start selling vanity items well...people didn't take much liking to it. And the reason is because most people think that shelling out nearly seventy dollars for virtual goods isn't such a grand idea. However this idea wasn't one of its kind, according to an article on Kotaku. The Space based MMO game, Dark Orbit, decided to start selling a rare spacecraft for around 1.000 Euros (that's about $1,300). Unlike Eve Online's goods, this one found customers...around 2,000 of them.

Bigpoint Games, the maker of Dark Orbit, did note that you can also buy this drone ship with in-game currency but would be a much length and time-consuming process. It seems like that the process is so in-game time and money consuming people are opting out and actually giving their hard-earned cash for it. I'm not one to judge people on what they do with their money but in this case this seems a bit excessive. Now granted, so far in Team Fortress 2 I have probably spent around $50 worth of keys to open up dropped crates, but my amount is pennies compared to what is going on in Dark Orbit.

However, I guess this how German-based Bigpoint earns money, since the game is Free-To-Play. A lot of games are going the free to play route like TF2 and League of Legends.

But $1,300? Let see, how many hats can I buy in the Team Fortress 2 Mann Co. store with that? That's around 260 Madam Dixies for my Pyro or a set of 130 Geisha Boy Wigs for the Medic with 130 Magnificent Mongolians for my Heavy or 1300 cases of Basebally Bill's Sport Shine for my Scout.