Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Info

Resident Evil 6 is taking the franchise into a whole new direction, away from the survival horror genre to more of an action adventure genre. Not many people were happy about that of course especially long term fans who enjoyed the games because of the horror factor.

I myself am an old school fan of the franchise and honestly RE is still my pretty much my favorite franchise (RE3 being my favorite). I didn't judge Capcom too much for the shift in genre but I hoped they wouldn't mess it up too much. Based on what I saw from the gameplay videos available for RE6, I liked some of the changes while disliked others.

For example I love the new movements the players have including being able to run and gun, cover mechanics, and especially the over the top "dive and shoot maneuver". I personally would have never imagined being able to do any of these in a RE game. But I also disliked the "run away from stuff like explosions and monsters" that they have incorporated a LOT of into the game.

All things aside I thought Capcom would reveal something more exciting about RE during GamesCom. Sadly all they had to share was the "online community" features. However a new mode for RE6 has been revealed which holds some promise.

The mode is an online mode called Agent Hunt Mode and it basically allows other players to "invade" your campaign.  The "invader" gets to control one of the enemy units and then give you an exceptionally hard time. It will prove to be much harder to kill a C virus mutant controlled by a human then your typical AI.

This mode seems similar to the Left for Dead Versus Mode where you get to turn the tides on the human players. With numerous enemy types available to choose from (depending on what chapter is being played), this mode should be quite entertaining in terms of how many different types of punishments you can put the agents through. Check out the gameplay video below.

Agent Hunt Gameplay Video!