Bethesda Softworks has recently revealed their star studded cast behind Dishonored. If you guys have been following our posts then you already have quite a bit of an idea about Dishonored.

To give you guys a summary, Dishonored follows the story of Corvo. Once he was the legendary swordsman of Dunwal and the protector of the Empress of Dunwal. Unfortunately, he gets falsely accused of the Empress's murder and is sentenced to life in Dunwal's dungeon.

A mysterious being soon approaches Corvo and lends him supernatural powers and grants him freedom from his prison. With his new found powers Corvo now sets off to seek revenge on those who killed the Empress and left him to rot.

Check out the trailer:

As you can see, Dishonored is like if Assassin's Creed and Bioshock's love child. The game is divided into sandbox "levels" where players have the freedom to play in any way they choose to achieve their goals. From the initial impressions it is pretty much expected that this game will be awesome.

Check out the gameplay:

To make things better, the following award winning celebrities are going to lend their voices to the characters in the game.

Susan Surandon, Academy Award winner (seen in - Deadman Walking, Thelma and Louise), will be making her videogame debut as Granny Rags; an old blind woman and a former aristocrat who has lost her mind due years of hardship faced living on the streets.

Carrie Fisher, Emmy winner (Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy) will be broadcasting propagandas over the loudspeakers spread throughout the city of Dunwal, where the entire game takes place.

Brad Dourif, Golden Globe Winner (seen in - Lord of the Rings Trilogy), will be portraying the role of Piero; an inventor who not only creates the mask but also a wealth of gadgets used by Corvo during his missions.

Along with these powerhouses who alone bring another level of class to the game are:

-John Slattery (seen in - Adjustment Bureau, Mad Men) - playing the role of Admiral Havelock, a Loyalist who helps Corvo in his journey.
-Michael Madsen (seen in - Thelma & Louise, Kill Bill) - portraying the mysterious assassin, Daud.
-Chloe Grace Moretz (seen in - Hugo, Kick-Ass) - playing the role of the Empress' daughter who is kidnapped after her mother's murder, Young Lady Emily
-Lena Headey ("300," "Game of Thrones") - playing the role of Emily's caretaker, Calista

In addition to all these stars, Composer Daniel Licht (known for his work in Dexter) will be lending his musical talents to create the game's original soundtrack. I heard one of the tracks in one of the trailers and man does it sound good!

This is what Raphael Colantonio (President of Arcane Studios) had to say regarding the cast, "Having such talented actors voice Dishonored's compelling cast of characters adds a rich, powerful element to the game. We want to draw people into this virtual world and make it feel real. This celebrated cast adds wonderful depth and credibility to the overall Dishonored gameplay experience."

I couldn't agree more! I was already sold from the beginning due to Dishonored's unique gameplay and freedom of choice during missions, but this is really the icing on the cake! It's good to see dialogue and voice acting in games these days getting some priority. If done well, proper voice acting adds a layer of immersion to the game which really brings it to new heights.

As more information gets released we will be sure to let our fans know if modded controllers are compatible with this title.