The AbleGamers Foundation recently released a document explaining how to implement accessibility into video games.

"Many of you have said to us, 'Okay. Accessibility is important. Now HOW do we implement accessibility?' And that's what this document is...", Mark Barlet, President of the AbleGamers Foundation.

Includification outlines many problems that disabled gamers face and how the developers can tackle this problem. One of the tools that are given to developers in this document is a checklist. This list outlines things such as: does your game have subtitles, colorblind assists and remappable keys?

As the document progresses it includes specific parts of a game such as the camera control and elaborates on that key aspect and how a certain disability might not be able to make large mouse movements while another may not be as precise.

Not only do they give great advice for consoles and PC platforms but they also advise for mobile gaming as well.

"Touch screen devices...Not everyone can touch them; many more struggle to use them with accuracy or comfort." Barrie Ellis, the Director, a letter in the document said.

There are many obstacles that developers have to tackle when developing games towards disabled gamers. Luckily, this document advises and helps struggling developers.

"This document is far overdue and it is my sincere hope that you will consider these guidelines as you develop your games." Barlet said,"AbleGamers needs your help to enable the more than 33 million disabled gamers."

See the document for yourself at and be sure to spread awareness regarding the document.